Sleeping under the stars

Ø22” suspended Luminaire (Dimmable): D550-STE-SUS     Retail Price:  $1,750 CAD + Taxes (SEPTEMBER SALE $1,350+ FREE SHIPPING) – IN STOCK SHIPS NEXT BUSINESS DAY

Ø12” suspended Luminaire (Dimmable): D310-STE-SUS     Retail Price:  $1,150CAD + Taxes (SEPTEMBER SALE $750 + FREE SHIPPING) – IN STOCK SHIPS NEXT BUSINESS DAY

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FEATURING A TRANSPARENT LIGHT GUIDE USING BULB LESS TECHNOLOGY; Stellar lights up like the stars in the night sky: Stellar has hemispherical light extractors that glow like stars, seemingly suspended in the sky above you, designed to look like the star-map of the northern hemisphere. These specially designed extractors shape the light to provide low glare light with wide distribution, providing even light throughout a room, with approximately 75% downlight and 25% uplight.
Suspended from ultra-thin low-voltage power suspension cables, without the need or a power cord.

•flux: 650 lumens (22 inch size)  350 lumens (12 inch size)
•colour rendering: CRI 95

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