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Set the mood. Glimmer like the stars in the night’s sky.The award winning Constellations Pendant features a domed transparent light-guide shade with sparkling “star-like” light emitters.

The ancients believed there was a dome over the Earth – the Firmament – from where the stars shone. Constellations’ light-guide pays tribute to these stars, patterned as the star-map of the nothern hemisphere, where you can find Orion, Ursa and Cassiopeia.

In 2016, Constellations took second place in LAMP (lighting architecture movement project) an international lighting competition held in Vancouver. The theme of the competition was “Cosmos,” and Constellations reflects that through the constellations of the northern sky imprinted on the surface. Like the real stars, each of the points on this LOOM lamp becomes a light source, guiding the light to the surface.