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Unlike traditional fixtures, STELLAR blends its transparent three-dimensional light-guide with forward thinking designs to deliver a premium lighting experience for any space. LOOM Luminaires are suspended from ultra-thin low voltage suspension cables that eliminate the need for a traditional power cord, creating a minimal profile and ensuring that STELLAR complements any space design.



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This award winning LED light guide luminaire will light up your space such as the stars light up the open night sky.

Stellar lights-up like the stars in the night sky: featuring a transparent light-guide, Stellar has hemispherical light extractors that glow like stars, seemingly suspended in the sky above you, designed to look like the star-map of the northern hemisphere.


These specially designed extractors shape the light to provide low-glare light with

wide distribution, providing even light throughout a room, with 75% down light

and 25% up light distribution. Loom luminaires are suspended from ultra-thin low voltage power suspension cables, without the need of a power cord.

All metal components made from clear anodized Aluminum giving a modern sleek look to this luminaire.  The LED driver is included and can be selected as constant or dimmed.

Available in power supply Voltages from 110V – 240V. Please specify your country’s voltage when ordering.

Available in Designer series (High CRI); or Performance series (High lumens output). 

Designed and Made in Canada. Product ships within 5 business days.


All orders are considered non-cancelable unless written consent issued by LOOM INC. Authorized returns must be returned prepaid by customer to LOOM, in the original packaging, free of any defects and with a return authorization Number from LOOM INC.  All returns are subject to a minimum 20% restocking charge plus any cost of reconditioning. A cancellation fee will be based on costs incurred by LOOM INC. prior to receipt of cancellation notice which includes shipping costs.  If product has been unpacked and installed, it then falls under 5-YEAR warranty, and the order is non-cancelable & non-returnable.



Photometry results for this luminaire:

Total Luminous Flux D550 (lm) 620 – 1450
Total Luminous Flux 310 (lm) 400 – 820
Luminous Efficacy (lm/W) 46 – 90
Input Voltage RMS (V) 110-240V
Frequency (Hz) 60
Input Current RMS (A) 0.119
Input Power (W) 13.35
Power Factor 0.9384
Current Total 36.28
Stabilization Time (Minute) 50
Harmonic Distortion %
Ambient Temperature (°C)

Drivers: 0-10V or Constant Voltage

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  • Light Guide (Fixture)
  • Diameter: 550mm (or 22 inches)
  • Height: 24 or 48 inches suspension lengths available
Ceiling Canopy:
  • Diameter: 200mm (or 8 inches)
  • Depth: 44mm (or 1.75 inch)
  • Light Guide (Fixture)
  • Diameter: 310mm (or 12 inches)
  • Height: 24 or 48 inches suspension lengths available
Ceiling Canopy:
  • Diameter: 150mm (or 6 inches)
  • Depth: 38mm (or 1.5 inch)


This Design is a creation by Matthew Kennedy, founder and CTO of LOOM. Matthew is an inspired product designer with 20 years industrial design consulting experience, including 8 years of lighting design, for companies like Philips, Ledalite, Eureka, Axis, Haworth and ALCOA, with over 30 commercialized luminaires. He has won numerous awards, including Gold at IIDEX NEOCON 2004, l’Institut de Design Montréal Prix Lauréat 2005, and was a Top 10 finalist at the LAMP 2015 and 2016 lighting design competitions. His designs are applauded by interior designers and lighting engineers alike.