In addition to providing industry leading light quality and distinguished designs, LOOM also realizes the importance of contributing to a better future. Our luminaires have sustainability etched into their DNA; from the very beginning of the design process to the entire product life cycle. By combining energy efficiency, waste minimization, and streamlined manufacturing, LOOM is transforming the way we see and use light.

Energy Efficiency

LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and over the years has contributed to significant reductions in widespread energy use – LEDs are up to 90% more efficient than incandescent lights, and last up to 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs which has resulted in an 80% reduction in energy usage in Canada alone (Canada Energy, n.d.). This is not only better for your wallet but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  

While this technology is common place, the way LOOM has integrated LED technology into our fixtures is one of the greatest innovations in lighting since the first patent of the light-bulb back in 1878. Using our patented light-guide technology, we’ve incorporated the light source into the fixture ‘shade’, eliminating the need for light-bulbs. While LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs, light and energy are still wasted due to the necessity of hiding the high glare bulbs behind a lampshade or cover; a lampshade is effectively a barrier that prevents light from escaping. This is clearly wasting energy.

High Quality Light and Distribution

LOOM’s light-guide technology integrates the light source into the what looks like a lampshade or diffuser, resulting in glare-free, evenly distributed, natural feeling light that doesn’t need to be hidden in order to be enjoyed. A light guide is a super-efficient conductor and emitter of light, transparent and beautiful. Glare is the downside of a compact bright light source like a light-bulb.

By distributing the light throughout the entirety of the light guide, LOOM lighting products are naturally low glare without sacrificing the intensity of light required to get work done. Stratosphere, our circular pendant designed for office use, offers double up-light / downlight batwing distribution that meets RP-1, meaning it can be specified anywhere spec-grade engineered linear lighting would normally be used for a refreshing difference in aesthetic.

Great distribution, combined with high colour rendering, means you can also turn down the amount of light you need to be able to see well, cutting both glare and cost. High colour rendering provides more natural looking and feeling light, proven to be better for visual acuity and for health. Low glare, UV-free high quality light is clearly more comfortable and has proven health benefits. With our colour-tuning technology, you can set the colour temperature to set the mood whether you are working or relaxing, helping you wind up or wind down your day, and adjusting colour temperature from bright white to warm white in evenings to balance light to natural circadian rhythms.

Going bulb-less also improves energy efficiency during the fabrication process. LOOM’s luminaries were engineered to use functional parts requiring minimal resources, and low production ensures every fixture is made to order and of the highest quality.

Waste Minimization

Unlike traditional lighting, going bulb-less means there is no waste or mercury being thrown away through regular use and disposal of light-bulbs. Waste minimization in both fabrication and use was paramount in our designs. Made locally and assembled with only hand power, our production carbon footprint is minimal. Using only aluminum in the fabrication of our compact, minimal lighting housings, we not only can access an infinitely recyclable material, they use less material and fabrication energy in their creation.

The housing is a natural and simple heat-sink that keeps the LEDs cool for longevity; for specifiers, this means our lighting is L70 rated to 50,000 hours, meaning they will still be 70% effective even then. The anodized finish is aluminum oxide, and can be recycled with the housings, eliminating the VOCs from paint and their waste. But we don’t expect these lighting fixtures to be recycled anytime soon: they were made to last a generation without needing to change the LEDs.